Gitanmaax Development Corporation

Welcome to the homepage of the Gitanmaax  Development Corporation proudly owned by Gitanmaax Band. Our people (Gitanmaax – (people who fish by torchlight) have been dealing fairly on these lands, where the Bulkley River flows into the Skeena, beneath the gangan - trees on Stekyoden Sga’nist – mountain for thousands of years. We are pleased to continue the traditions of our ancestors (Gitxsan – People of The Skeena River)  by ensuring our business dealings are relationally-focused and imbued with integrity, communal values, warmth, laughter and joy from start to finish.

We are open to business that benefits our traditions of community, sustainability, vibrancy, honesty and accountability. Teamwork, transparency, and steady leadership is essential to everything that we do, and we are pleased to work with gusto and professionalism on behalf of our members. Efficient and process-oriented as a momma Sim Smax –black bear picking T’imi’yt– lowbush cranberries– we are consensus-driven.

Our executive team will work tirelessly to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved.
We remain committed to honouring and celebrating the traditional skills, crafts, and understandings of our ancestors. Therefore, we are pleased to welcome projects, opportunities and partners that are in line with the strengths of our culture. Ama! –It is good!  We are open for business, and excited to welcome you to our community! Do not hesitate to contact us.